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Ideal Kitchen Renovation Within Your Budget

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Be the proud owner of an impressive, beautiful, and functional kitchen. Wollongong Kitchen Renovations will make your dream kitchen happen for you. Our kitchen remodels team has years of valuable experience and is more than happy to assist you in turning your ideas of a perfect kitchen into life. Our services are available in Wollongong and all communities in the Illawarra Region. Free free to reach us to know more about our services and to get a free estimate.

Whether you’re looking into splurging for a luxurious kitchen remodel or if you’re on a tight budget and seeking cheap kitchen renovations, we are the company to call. We are the trusted kitchen reno pros of Wollongong commercial and residential property owners. From traditional and classic kitchen to modern and trendy, allow us to be part of your kitchen’s stunning transformation and experience the difference of exceptional service only Wollongong Kitchen Renovations can offer.


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    Why Should You Hire Us for Kitchen Renovation in Wollongong?

    Sure, there are plenty of general contractors out there that you can consider hiring to renovate your kitchen, but nothing beats having the peace of mind and confidence of having experts work with you. Especially when it’s a remodelling job of one of the most critical parts of your home, it’s not worth risking hiring non-professionals. Get assistance from experienced experts!

    At Wollongong Kitchen Renovations, you can expect to have your expectations exceeded. Our hardworking team of designers and tradies are all experienced and knowledgeable in constructing kitchens from the ground up to complex kitchen remodels. Let us know what kitchen design you have in mind, and we will make it happen for you.

    We Are the One-Stop Shop for Your Kitchen Remodelling Needs

    When you hire Wollongong Kitchen Renovations, you need not exert a lot of effort in looking for suppliers and tradies for kitchen remodelling work. We are your one-stop-shop for your kitchen renovation needs. Our experienced team includes designers, plumbers, electricians, carpenters, cabinet makers, joiners, and all other trades needed to complete a kitchen reno job.

    We treat all projects with equal importance. Whether you need a small kitchen renovation, budget kitchen renovation, or a giant and elegant kitchen remodel, we will ensure that the job is done with the highest standards possible. We always use high-quality materials, and we come fully equipped to ensure that we can deliver excellent quality and complete the project promptly.

    Fair and Reasonable Kitchen Makeover Prices: We Cater to All Budget Ranges

    We work on all projects for kitchen and bathroom renovations. At Wollongong Kitchen Renovations, we understand that not all clients have the same budget or ideas. At the same time, we regard that every Wollongong homeowner deserves a functional and aesthetic kitchen. Therefore, we cater to all budget ranges, and we’ll gladly remodel your kitchen – small or large, simple or extravagant.

    Best of all, we can honestly say that our prices are always fair and reasonable. We are the kitchen remodelling contractor you need to call to get the best customer service and quality without worrying about unfair and extremely high kitchen reno cost. You can contact us to get a free estimate!

    Wollongong Kitchen Renovations: What We Do

    We are a kitchen renovation company that helps Wollongong homeowners make their kitchens clean, efficient, beautiful, and functional. If you’re planning a kitchen renovation, you may reach out to our team so we can assist you in making your ideas happen and come to life.

    At Wollongong Kitchen Renovations, we make sure that we follow the Australian Government’s standards for renovations and additions from the layout to energy efficiency to ventilation and overall safety of your kitchen.

    Let's Begin Your Kitchen's Transformation: A Step-By-Step Kitchen Reno Guide

    What happens when you renovate your kitchen? Where do you even begin? There are so many things that must be considered, so careful planning is a must. Our planning and designing team will be with you every step of the way to assist you. Here’s a quick step-by-step guide to giving you a clue of what goes on in a kitchen renovation project.

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    Gather Ideas and Inspiration, Set Your Goals, Set a Budget – Be Realistic!

    Deciding the perfect design for your kitchen is the first step and perhaps the most exciting part when planning to renovate a kitchen. Allow us to give you one vital tip – be realistic at this point. There are so many beautiful, even glamorous kitchen designs you’ll see on the Internet and in magazines, and these will make you wish your kitchen is all of them all at once.

    You have to consider the size of your kitchen as well as your budget – yes, you have to set a budget, too! When you keep these in mind, it would be easier to narrow down your choices regarding kitchen layout, design, appliances, materials, and other features

    planning and designing stage of kitchen renovation

    Planning a Kitchen Renovation

    Now’s the time to discuss with our kitchen planner and designer. We’ll take some measurements, discuss your ideas, and give our recommendations to the best of our knowledge and based on our experience.

    When plans have been finalised, we will then secure the necessary building permits when applicable or required. We will also begin ordering the materials needed from our trusted network of suppliers.

    You may also choose to order appliances, fixtures, and other kitchen products on your own

    renovating a kitchen area and trandform it into a stunning and functional area

    Prepare to Begin the Kitchen Remodelling Process

    Some homeowners fail to think that when the kitchen is being remodelled, they’ll most likely not be able to use it all. Therefore, it is best to establish a temporary kitchen space where you can continue preparing your family’s meals as usual.

    If it’s going to be a complete kitchen remodel, you must remove everything you want to keep from your kitchen. You don’t want any of those getting damaged by the demolition team. So if you’re planning to save some appliances, furniture, or if in case you wanted to install the same old yet still pretty kitchen cabinets, then make sure you take them out of the kitchen area and store them elsewhere temporarily. If you need help with this, our team will be of assistance.

    local kitchen renovators fixing the kitchen tiles

    The Kitchen Construction Phase

    It is now time to demolish your kitchen. It may take a few days, depending on the current condition of your kitchen and its size. We will then be making the necessary structural changes, such as removing windows, doors, walls, and other parts of your kitchen that are no longer needed in the new design.

    All utility work such as plumbing, mechanical, and electrical will come next. We will then install the new flooring material of your choice. Cabinets, countertops, appliances, and fixtures are finally installed right after.

    Finishing touches and hardware are installed before the final clean-up.

    What is the Cost of Renovating a Kitchen?

    A kitchen renovation is rarely cheap. It will cost you quite a bit, but that doesn’t mean it will always be expensive. It is excellent to know, though, that aside from the fact that your kitchen can become more beautiful, functional, and efficient, a kitchen reno can also add to the overall value of your property.

    The Factors Affecting a Kitchen Renovation Cost

    You can always call Wollongong Kitchen Renovations to get a quotation for a kitchen reno. You can let us know your budget, and we’ll present our recommendations and your options. There are plenty of factors affecting a kitchen reno cost. Among them are the following:

    1. The size of the kitchen
    2. Materials – paint, flooring, countertops, appliances, hardware, and more
    3. Layout and design
    4. The current condition of your kitchen – demolition may also add to the overall cost, too
    5. Your chosen contractor

    If you have a budget, our planners and designers can show you your options, perhaps even alternative materials that are cheaper yet just as beautiful and long-lasting.

    Wollongong Kitchen Renovations creating fully functional kitchen area
    Wollongong Kitchen Renovations creating livable kitchen area

    How Much is a Kitchen Renovation Cost in Wollongong?

    Kitchen renovation cost may vary depending on the factors mentioned above. To give you an idea, allow us to share some figures from the Archicentre Australia Cost Guide 2020. Renovations inside an existing building may cost anywhere between $800 to $2,800 per square metre. You may spend a bit more if there’s a need to remove hazardous materials from your kitchen. If you don’t have enough storage space for your existing kitchen furniture while renovating, you may also have to pay for temporary storage space.

    If your kitchen renovation will involve extensions to your home, such as when you want to increase your kitchen space, then the cost for the extension may be between $1,900 to $3,700 per square metre.

    A Kitchen Remodelling Wollongong Can Add Value to Your Home

    One of the best things about a kitchen renovation is how it can transform an area of your home into something different and fabulous. Modern kitchen renovations are usually the best solution to an outdated kitchen. You can even go for simple kitchen cabinet renovation or countertop replacements if you are on an even tighter budget.

    Of course, it is so much joy seeing beautiful changes in your home. In addition, the feeling of happiness when you got a chance to spend time with your family and loved ones in your newly renovated kitchen area is so priceless that you can’t put a price on them. And that’s precisely what Wollongong Kitchen Renovations wants you to experience.

    When you choose energy-efficient designs and features for your kitchen, you can even enjoy savings on your power consumption, making your choice of renovating a kitchen even better!

    A kitchen reno can undoubtedly add value to your home. Naturally, a newer, more energy-efficient, and functional kitchen will be more attractive to prospective buyers if you’d be selling your property in the future.

    newly renovated kitchen by Wollongong Kitchen Renovations

    Contact Us to Speak with a Kitchen Renovations Specialist!

    Wollongong Kitchen Renovations is the trusted contractor kitchen bathroom renovations in Wollongong and all of the Illawarra Region. Through the years, we have helped our clients transform countless kitchens into more beautiful and functional spaces. We are working hard to provide exemplary customer service to each of our clients. We only consider our projects complete when we are positive that you are satisfied with your brand new kitchen.

    We will be with you from the very start to finish – from planning, designing, building, and clean-up process. You can ask our team for tips and recommendations anytime, and we’ll give you our advice based on our experience.

    You deserve a stunning and efficient kitchen. Significantly if you’ve been delaying that much-needed kitchen renovation for way too long, then the best time to make a move is now. We are here to help you out. Contact Wollongong Kitchen Renovations for us to schedule a site inspection and consultation. To receive a free quote today, call us now! Check out Kitchen Remodeling Oakland, Pool Company Tampa, Topeka Cabinet Makers, Home Repair Arlington Heights and Bathroom renovations in Toowoomba.


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