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Small Budget Kitchens Wollongong

A small budget kitchen wit inbuilt appliances

At Wollongong Kitchen Renovations, we make and renovate on budget kitchens. We realize that not everyone who requires a renovation has the budget to get what they want, so we try our best to work within those budgets and provide you with as good a product as possible for those smaller budgets. We can work with your budget and hopefully provide you with a nice kitchen for your needs. We work to help people that really need it, and we try to help out as much as we can, but no matter the budget, we always make sure that everyone is receiving good quality products and services. So if you’re someone who needs assistance finding a smaller sized renovation or just wish to discuss the possibility of working with us, we’re more than happy to talk and see what we can do.


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    Why install a small budget kitchen?

    One would prefer a small budget kitchen because it is affordable and comes with a lesser price tag. The size of the kitchen is another reason because if you’re cooking for just yourself or a smaller family, it’s not necessary to go all out with installing an expensive design. On the other hand, a larger space would be better for those who have a bigger family.

    Designing a small budget Kitchen

    The design of small budget kitchens is very simple because the size doesn’t allow much more to be done with them. The main thing to keep in mind when designing a small budget kitchen is that you want to make the most out of every inch. First and foremost, always go for clean-lined, simple, modern designs. However, it’s not something we would suggest all the time because sometimes you can still go for a more complex design with different materials and decorations. It’s always better to be safe than sorry when you have a small budget kitchen to work on, so keep your options limited.

    Secondly, if possible, try combining many functions of your kitchen in one. For example, think of a kitchen island that can be used as a dining table when you’re not cooking or baking in your kitchen and try to find more creative furniture solutions that will help you save space. These kitchens are ideal for people on a budget because there’s less money involved with buying and fitting than there would be with a full-size kitchen. However, this doesn’t mean they’re any less of a kitchen than the standard size. A small budget kitchen doesn’t mean an ugly one! We will use the right materials for your design that will match your budget.

    a small budget kitchen with an island
    A small budget kitchen with limited space

    The factors that affect the cost of a small budget kitchen

    If you want your kitchen design or renovation to match your small budget, you will have to consider a few things. It will be best to know what you want and stick to it because changing your mind might incur extra costs.
    First and foremost, the materials will play a part in how much your project will cost. For example, if you want timber flooring, it will be more expensive than tiles or even vinyl.
    Kitchen cabinets are another thing that will affect the final price tag of your renovation. The more sophisticated and feature-packed cabinets are usually higher priced than simple designs with fewer features.
    Another factor to consider when you want to reduce the price of your budget is the time you’ll need to complete the project. If you can reduce the actual time of construction or redesign, it will be cheaper for sure.

    What are the benefits of having a small-budget kitchen?

    Small-budget kitchens are easier to maintain. They have fewer cabinets, which means fewer drawers and cupboards for you to clean out every week, so cleaning is easy. This also means that there is no lot of cabinetry, appliances, or other furniture items taking up room in your kitchen. Small budget kitchens are also less costly to install as compared to larger kitchens.
    The amount of storage space available in a smaller budget kitchen is often less, but this doesn’t mean that it can’t be practical and functional. If you get drawers or cabinet inserts to place inside your cabinets, for example, you may have the same storage space as for a big kitchen.

    A white small budget kitchen

    Why Choose Us?

    Wollongong Kitchen Renovations is a trusted brand name in the industry of home improvement renovations. We get people who are referred to us often, and we get great reviews online. What matters more is that this helps out our customers because they know they can trust us with their job.
    People like having options. Wollongong Kitchen Renovations offers a wide range of services for all types of kitchen designs. Our experienced team knows how to work with budgets big and small, make sure you get the kitchen of your dream for a price you can afford.
    Wollongong Kitchen Renovations will come up with a realistic plan for your dream kitchen but will make sure the cost doesn’t go over your budget. So if you have any renovations or building work, our team at Wollongong Kitchen Renovations can help.


      Wollongong Kitchen Renovations Google Reviews and Trust Badge

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