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Wattamolla Beach

About Wattamolla Beach

Nestled along the stunning Royal National Park coastline lies the charming Wattamolla Beach. This must-visit hotspot has captured the hearts of families far and wide, offering many activities such as swimming, fishing, snorkelling, and bushwalking. The dazzling scenery and calming waves will leave you feeling energized and rejuvenated- a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Come and experience the magic of Wattamolla Beach for yourself!

Nestled between two stunning beaches, Wattamolla Beach is a pristine slice of paradise waiting to be explored. With easy access from the nearby train station and ample parking for visitors, this stunning location is truly a hidden gem. From soaking up the sun on the golden sands to swimming in the crystal-clear waters of the lagoon, there’s something for every beach lover at Wattamolla. Don’t miss your chance to experience this breathtaking destination for yourself!


What to do at Wattamolla Beach

Looking for the perfect family getaway? Look no further than Wattamolla Beach Royal National Park! This stunning destination is a crowd favorite, with visitors flocking to its shores on weekends and school holidays. One of the big draws is the calm waters of the picturesque lagoon – ideal for little swimmers and parents alike. Don’t miss out on the fun and relaxation that Wattamolla Beach has to offer.

Escape to a tropical paradise at the stunning Wattamolla Beach in Royal National Park without leaving Australia. This beach is the perfect family-friendly destination, with many activities to entertain everyone. Take a dip in the lagoon’s calm waters, snorkel with the fish or float on a lilo. Relax under the cool shade of cabbage tree palms while enjoying a delicious picnic, or cast a line into the ocean for some quiet fishing time. Whatever your preference, Wattamolla Beach is the ultimate oasis for your next summertime adventure.

Indulge in delicious barbecue lunch at Wattamolla Beach before embarking on an exciting adventure. Take a leisurely walk along the beautiful beach tracks, with an exciting challenge to spot majestic sea eagles or stunning oystercatchers. Get ready for a fun-filled excursion with nature’s wildest treasures as your reward!

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