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Illawarra Performing Arts Centre

About Illawarra Performing Arts Centre

The Illawarra Performing Arts Centre is a dynamic hub of artistic expression in the region’s heart. Boasting three incredible spaces, it’s the perfect venue for everything from electrifying plays and captivating concerts to hilarious comedy shows and enriching community events. With its impressive reputation, this centre is a true gem of the performing arts scene, inviting audiences to immerse themselves in creativity and culture.

Discover the cultural hub of Wollongong by visiting the Illawarra Performing Arts Centre. Operated by the Merrigong Theatre Company, this performing arts complex showcases a diverse range of events worldwide. Whether you’re interested in theatre, music, comedy, or community gatherings, there is something for everyone at IPAC’s three versatile spaces. Plus, enjoy a unique dining experience at The Social cafe and bar with its impressive outdoor seating area. Come and immerse yourself in the dynamic and creative atmosphere of the Illawarra Performing Arts Centre.


What to do at Illawarra Performing Arts Centre

Step into the vibrant Wollongong arts scene with a trip to the Illawarra Performing Arts Centre. This top-tier venue showcases the best in the performing arts, from iconic theatrical productions to world-class musical performances and uproarious comedy shows. With three diverse spaces at your disposal, there truly is something for everyone at IPAC. Whether you’re a seasoned theatre-goer or simply looking to experience the local cultural scene, this beloved institution is the perfect destination. Come join the thriving community of performers, artists, and creatives who call IPAC home, and prepare for an unforgettable night of entertainment.

Step into Wollongong’s vibrant arts community and experience the magic of entertainment at the Illawarra Performing Arts Centre. As the crown jewel of the region’s performing arts scene, the IPAC offers a spectacular range of live theatre productions, all curated and presented by the renowned Merrigong Theatre Company. Surge in delicious food and drinks at The Social, a trendy café and bar with a gorgeous outdoor seating area. Come and be swept away by the impressive performances and buzzing atmosphere of the Illawarra Performing Arts Centre.

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