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Wollongong Botanic Garden

About Wollongong Botanic Garden

Welcome to the lush and vibrant wonderland of the Wollongong Botanic Garden! Nestled at the base of Mount Keira in the picturesque suburb of Keiraville in New South Wales, this garden is a true haven for nature lovers in the Illawarra region. Founded in 1964 and officially opened in September 1970, the Wollongong Botanic Garden boasts a stunning array of flora and fauna worldwide. Come and explore this enchanting oasis of greenery, and discover the endless beauty of nature in all its glory.

The Wollongong Botanic Garden is a place of rich history and cultural significance. This awe-inspiring garden was once home to the Dharawal people, who occupied the land for thousands of years. Later, it became a farming hub before being purchased by the Hoskins family, who built their beautiful estate, Gleniffer Brae, on the land. The Hoskins then generously donated a large portion of their property to create the Wollongong Botanic Garden, which has become a cherished landmark. Today, visitors can explore the stunning grounds and behold the majestic Gleniffer Brae, a testament to the rich heritage of this beautiful place.

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What to do at Wollongong Botanic Garden

Welcome to Wollongong Botanic Garden, where nature meets wellness. Our Go Slow for a Mo trail is the perfect way to escape everyday life’s hustle and bustle and connect with nature’s healing power. Take a leisurely stroll through the garden, pausing at seven unique sensory exercises designed to improve your overall well-being. Whether you choose to try one or all seven, this trail is an opportunity to slow down, tune in, and truly engage with the natural world around you. Come and experience the transformative power of nature for yourself.

Experience the magic of Wollongong Botanic Garden’s Tiny Forest – a miniature oasis that packs a big green punch. Using the innovative Miyawaki reforestation method, this enchanting space is teeming with local plant species sourced from the Botanic Garden Nursery. Shaped like lungs, this lush forest will breathe new life into the environment by cooling the air, capturing carbon, and providing precious habitats for local wildlife. Come and discover how small spaces can make a huge impact on the world.

Botanic garden - Wollongong

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