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Wollongong Art Gallery

About Wollongong Art Gallery

Discover a world of art and history at Wollongong Art Gallery, one of the largest regional art museums in Australia. Our collection features an exquisite range of Australian, Aboriginal and Asian art, including pieces that document the region’s individual art practices, as well as national and international developments. Managed by the Wollongong City Council, they aim to enhance knowledge and appreciation of the visual arts for Illawarra locals and visitors alike. Immerse yourself in the beauty of our collection and explore the diverse stories and cultures behind each piece.

Discover the dynamic cultural scene of the Illawarra region at the Wollongong Art Gallery. Immerse yourself in a world of artistic expression through their diverse program of exciting exhibitions and immersive activities. Experience the energy and creativity of the local community and wander through breathtaking works from partner institutions across the globe. The world of art awaits you at the Wollongong Art Gallery.

Art gallery

What to do at Wollongong Art Gallery

Discover the Wollongong Art Gallery with ease using our interactive social story! This personalized guide will help you navigate the ramp access from Kembla Street, take advantage of the lift access throughout the floors, and locate the accessible toilet on the ground level. For those in need, a complimentary wheelchair is also available upon request. Download and tailor the story to plan your visit to this stunning gallery effortlessly.

Looking for a unique and artistic venue for your upcoming wedding ceremony? Look no further than the Wollongong Art Gallery! With a stunning collection of artworks and beautiful period furniture, this gallery provides the perfect backdrop for a one-of-a-kind celebration.

Experience a world of artistic diversity at the Wollongong Art Gallery. With a regularly changing program of more than 20 exhibitions annually, you’ll be treated to an eclectic mix of local, national, and international artists. Dive deeper into the art through over 200 education and public programs designed to engage visitors with each exhibit’s unique themes and ideas. Explore the gallery and expand your artistic horizons.

Wollongong Art gallery

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